Larissa Feng
full-time human being.

hey there 👋🏽

I'm a Vancouverite currently living in Toronto.

According to an expensive piece of paper, I'm employable as a software developer. I prefer to think of myself as a people-first problem-solver whose solutions sometimes involve writing code. Most of all, I identify as a human being interested in solving real problems for real people.

Currently, I'm part of the Wealthsimple team making financial services more accessible for all humans. Before that, I had brief dalliances with Facebook, Microsoft, Demonware, & Shopify (we weren't right for each other).

I try to run on my life on two axioms:

  • Nothing is mutually exclusive
  • The best opinions are thoroughly formed, but weakly held

Most of my free time is spent thinking about democratic citizenship, sustainable living, health care, privacy rights, & other matters that affect society at large.

As a hobbyist musician & producer, I put aside a few hours each week
to give new music my full attention.

I also read a lot of fiction, non-fiction, & long-form journalism. I don't read the news.

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